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        Treatment principle


        E-lite=IPL+RF+ contact cooling system. includes two energy: bipolar radio frequency (RF) energy and spectrum light (IPL).


        It's the new generation of beauty equipment, it combines with the functions of optical energy and electromagnetic waves. It adopts elective absorption of light,which could get different impedance between target tissue and abnormal skin.It could strengthen absorption of electromagnetic of target tissue in the condition of lower light energy,which could greatly reduce painless during treatment.


        First, on the hair affects the light energy. It attracts the pigment that is in every thread, even our old. Next radiofrequency wave destroys the hair follicle. Light energy is too low to remove the hair, so use bipolar radiofrequency wave.


        E-Lite’s Advantages


        Short treatment period: every treatment should take only 20-30 minutes.


        No risks: does no damage to the skin whatsoever.


        No pain: no sedation needed, only a small sense of heat on the skin.


        No need for after-care: no special care needed after treatment, can use make-up after treatment.


        No side-effects: no physical or chemical treatment to the skin means no negative skin reaction.


        Stable effects: one treatment equals ten treatments with other methods.


        Safety: the E-light product is a combination of high-class medical light technology and human bio-engineering technology, which has been applied to effective and safe wrinkle reduction and skin rejuvenation without the danger of discolorations. 


        Before & After Treatment




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