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        Product Details
        • Name: High Quality 980nm laser Vascular Removal Machine
        • Model: SDL-G
        • Date: 2015-11-11
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        Treatment Principle

        The principle for laser’s blood vessels treatment lies in selective photothermolysis theory. The major targeted chromophore in facial vascular treatment is oxyhemoglobin that existing in red blood cell in vessels. Chromophore is the essential substance that absorbs laser energy. Appropriate pulse width and energy will be set in accordance with different thermal relaxation time. Then vessels will be damaged without hurting surrounding tissues.

        According to the curve of laser absorption by targeted substance (right picture), oxyhemoglobin shows a much higher absorption interval in 900nm-1000nm. Thus 980nm semi-conductor laser has the ideal treatment effects for facial vascular removal.

        After absorbing laser energy, oxyhemoglobin produces thermal energy and spreads to vascular endothelial cells through conduction mechanism. In consequence, blood vessel wall is damaged and facial vascular will be treated.

        Product Advantage

           980nm laser optical fiber coupling output technique

           Small and exquisite handpiece for precise operation

           Portable and simple to operate

           Non-contact, non-invasive, no need of special care

           Quick treatment with outstanding curative effects

        Clinical Indications

          Facial vascular

        ●  Angiotelectasis

        Product Introduction

        The latest Redless™ Diode 980nm Laser Therapy System is able to focus laser beams on a scope of 0.2mm diameters by adopting 980nm diode laser combined with fiber coupling output technique. The system has intelligent control system and precise aiming beam. Therefore, the accurate laser energy can be safely and effectively acted on treatment areas for the best curative results.

        Treatment Handpiece

        Operational approach: taking the head to operate like holding a pen; pulses shall be overlapped with appropriate moving speed; gradually moving towards the trend of dilated blood vessels.

        Therapy Effect Comparison

        Declaration:  Parameter ranges are formulated based on large number of clinical practices. It is suggested that the operator shall confirm the right treatment parameters in accordance with actual clinical situation.

        Technical Parameters

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