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        Professional Beauty London,ExCel London 2019

        Hit: Date:Feb 3,2019

        Sincoheren will participate in The Professional Beauty London 2019 , The Beauty and Spa Trade Fair. You and your company representatives are sincerely welcome to visit our booth

        "The Beauty and Spa Trade Fair"
        Professional Beauty London is among Europe’s leading beauty and spa trade event. The event involves a wide variety of cosmetics and spa industries demonstrating their latest discoveries and inventions in the field of cosmetics. The event is attended by all top cosmetic industry professionals from all corners of the world. The event also provides an immense opportunity to network and expand businesses worldwide and compete with topmost cosmetic industrialists.

        Weclome to visit our booth: CP5B, 24th-25th, February, 2019.


        24-25 Feb 2019 24-25 Feb 2019

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