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        New Product--Precipulse Releasing Conference

        Writer:Sincoheren News CenterSource:Sincoheren Hit: Date:Apr 1,2015

                                  New Product--Precipulse Releasing Conference


        At 18:18 pm. Beijing Time, March 31, 2015, the releasing conference of Precipulse SHR is held in Sincoheren Show Room. This is an advanced IPL device that leads the medical beauty industry worldwide. Hosted by Sincoheren Marketing Department, all company members excitedly participates the conference, including President Mr. Wen and General Manager Mr. Wu, Chief Engineer of R&D Department Mrs. Ren, together with eight zone sales managers and staff, R&D engineers, factory workers, etc.


        President Mr. Wen firstly delivers a warm speech and congratulates the final release of Precipulse, which is of a significant milestone for Sincoheren’s 16years development.


                       president Mr.Wen


        Leading Engineer Mr. Zhang introduces advantages and indications of this new IPL product with excellent PPT slides, which perfectly demonstrates outstanding properties of Precipulse.


                      Engineer Mr. Zhang


        Precipulse adopts the newest technology in medical beauty machine industry. It is equipped with three operation modes: Fly Point Mode, Super Hair Removal Mode and Traditional IPL Mode. 




        Precipulse device can be effectively and painlessly applied in skin rejuvenation, hair removal, vascular/acne elimination. The whole treatment process brings patients a comfortable and pleasant feeling. 


        With joint efforts and supports from every department, the conference achieves a complete success. It not only deepens all staff’s understanding of Precipulse, but also conveys a concept of brand.


        More information of Precipulse.

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