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Coolplas Fat Freezing Machine

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  Coolplas is advanced equipment using the latest Cryolipolysis technology to noticeably eliminate fat without surgery.

  Coolplas cryolipolysis treatment system adopts a non-invasive procedure, which uses a targeted cooling process to kill the fat cells underneath the skin, freezing cellulite to the point of elimination.This medical equipment helps achieve body shaping, slimming and cellulite reduction effects. During the treatment process, only fat cells are frozen the healthy skin cells remain to be same. No knives, no suction hoses. No needles, no scares. Once crystallized, the fat cells die permanently and are naturally eliminated from your body.



  How does it work?

  The procedure employs a low - temperature treatment probethat specially designed for the selected fat part. It absorbs energy (low temperature) of the adipose tissue without damaging other tissues.

  The treatment cup can absorb the fat in the treatment area to the cooling plate through vacuum pressure. During the process of treatment, the the cooling temperature can be precisely controlled by treatment probes, inwhich fat cells in particular part of the body will be removed. In the cooling environment, fat cellscan be naturally decomposed and cleared, and the fat layer will become thinner and thinner gradually.




  Non-invasive, non-surgical;

  No down time;

  Safe and comfortable, no pain, and convenient;

  No need to rest, because the treatment course is very simple and safe. Customers can return to normal life immediately after the treatment.


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