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Clinical Application of Intense Pulsed Light in Asian Patients

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  Asian skin is quite different from Caucasian skin in a variety of aspects. Asian skin is relatively darker than Caucasian skin. They are prone to get sun tanning, instead of sun burning, which are very common in Caucasian people with Fitzpatrick phototype I to III. Most Asian skin belongs to Fitzpatrick phototype III or more. Asian skin is more apt to develop postinflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) and hypopigmentation following any procedure that induces inflammation. Asians are far more likely than Caucasians to develop keloid. Thus, more cautions should be given to Asian skin to avoid any damage to the integrity of the epidermis. Furthermore, photoaging in Asians tends to occur at a later age and has more pigmentary problems but less wrinkling than in Caucasians. 1 This difference is partially due to the higher epidermal melanin content.