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        The 3rd Generation IPL--Precipulse

        Writer:Sincoheren News CenterSource:Sincoheren Hit: Date:Jan 22,2015


        Precipulse IPL Therapy System is the 3rd Generation IPL manufactured by Sincoheren. It provides three treatment modes: traditional IPL mode, SHR mode, Fly point mode, which are applicable to all skin types. The treatment process will be more pleasant and the skin will be better protected.


        IPL MODE: 

        IPL MODE is used for a small amount of hairs with general thickness. A fixed single treatment with high-energy precision destructs hair follicles and will help achieve a remarkable hair removal effect.


        Precipulse IPL Therapy System-IPL Mode-Sincoheren  


        SHR MODE: 

        Super Hair Removal (SHR) is a revolutionary technology for hair removal, which has obtained sweeping success. With a low dose and high frequency (up to 10 Hz), SHR is convenient and efficient to use in treating big skin areas.


        Precipulse IPL Therapy System-SHR Mode-Sincoheren



        FP MODE 

        Fly Point Mode (FP MODE) is designed for sensitive and small body parts, such as upper lip, hairline, ears, etc.


        Precipulse IPL Therapy System-FP Mode-Sincoheren


        Three Options for Hand Pieces with Delicate Designs:


        HR (690-1200nm): 16x57mm super big spot size for quick hair removal of all hair colors and skin types;


        SR (560-1200nm): 8x34mm spot size for skin rejuvenation and removing pigments like freckles, sun damage, age spot, etc;


        VR (420-1200nm): 8x34mm spot size for vascular lesion treatment like bottle nose, thread veins, etc.





        Precipulse IPL Therapy System-Sincoheren



        Main features of Preipulse IPL Therapy System


        Painless-It adopts anew Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT technology)with low and equal energy. 


        Reliable results- Consistency in every treatment with effective and permanent reduction in hair without side effects.


        Fast treatment- Stationary technology & In-motion technology. Moving IPL takes less time to do treatments on back, leg and arm.


        Big spot size- 16*57mm.


        All Skin Types- The unique pulsing of the SHR modules provides a safe and effective way of treating for patients with any skin types, including the tanned and dark skin.


        All Times of the Year- Precipulse IPL Therapy System can be used in anytime during the year as it does not heat up the melanin in the same way as other traditional methods.


        No Burns- With short pulse duration, the skin will not be heated to the point of burning, eliminating the risk of injury and potential lawsuits.



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